Sharon’s Adult Day Center – Chattanooga and Cleveland

Sharon Adult Day Center offers a highly structured day program to a wide variety of individuals with varying degrees of physical and cognitive limitations. Our life- enriching program provides families and caregivers the much needed break from providing the daily needs of a loved one in a safe, fun, home-like environment.

The adult day program incorporates a much higher level of therapeutic and health care services than other centers. A pre-admission assessment of all new guest is a part of our application process. One of our Health Care professionals on staff develop individually tailored care plans for all our guest. Our staff works directly with physicians, therapists and other caregivers, as well as incorporating our ongoing collaborative assessments with our social worker ,registered dietitian, and nurses at the center to properly care for each and every individual on a personal level. We also offer personal care service, incontinence care and beautician services. At Sharon’s Adult Day Center, caring truly came from the heart.

Sharon’s In Home Personal Care

Sharon’s In Home Personal Care is dedicated to providing innovative and high quality care and assistance to adults in order to allow individuals to remain safely and comfortably in their own homes. Our Professional caregivers provide support with flexible schedules around the clock all while preserving the dignity and respect of those in need. Additionally, we are one of a select few of providers that is willing and able to provide a minimum of two hours of in-home services each day.

Rose of Sharon Senior Villa- Assisted Living Facility

Rose of Sharon Senior Villa provides a 24/7 day affordable Assisted Living Facility in a stimulating social environment responsive to the needs of our clients, and respite and supportive care to the caregivers through personalized professional care at a reasonable cost. We qualify to receive HUD funding for housing for those who qualify.

We also contracted through, TennCare, The C.H.O.I.C.ES Program, Amerigroup, United Health Care and Blue Cross Blue Shield. We except Veterans and will assist families in obtaining Aid and Attendant Funding.  We also provide respite care in our assisted living facility for overnight care up to one (1) month. You must call in advance to reserve a room by calling Rose of Sharon’s Senior Villa Assisted Living Facility. Our Assisted Living facility can only accommodate twenty eight (28) residents, making it a very homely and cozy place where everybody knows your name! Staff include medical professionals such as CNA’s, RN’s and LPN’s to assist with medication and other medical needs often associated with clients with dementia and Alzheimer’s. In addition we have administrators and office staff with over fifteen(15) serving the senior population.